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Aesthetically pleasing to specifically engineered... seamless floors can meet a world of special needs.

Mid Atlantic

Madonna Maryland

Madonna finshes takes its name from the small town of Madonna, Maryland. Located in the northeast corner of the state, shown in the map above.

A World of Seamless Floor Finish Installations

Since our company was established twelve years ago, we have dedicated ourselves to installing the best functional and decorative seamless floor finishes available in the Mid-Atlantic. We do commercial new construction floor finishes, re-finishing, and flooring repairs, throughout Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Whether it is re-finishing a simple set of apartment balconies or applying a system to your new warehouse floor, we do the job. And we stand behind our work. Its the principal on which the company was founded, in 1996.

Madonna Finishes installs floor systems for more than two dozen specified environments. If you know the type of floor system you need, click here, or you can always use the sub-menu to the right under floor systems. Take the time to review the unique floor features available on our "Floor Features" page. Locate the right floor for your business on one of our "Applications" pages.

Whether your project is in Harford County or the Baltimore, Washington DC, and Philadelphia metropolitan corridor, Madonna Finishes is convienietly located and ready to do the job. Please don't hesitate to use the contact us page to reach us for all your floor finishing needs.

We would be happy to provide any of the services listed below:

Work with architects, facility managers, or building owners to review floor system requirements and help create a specification.

Review your current flooring specifications and make recommendations based on our experience.

Inspect your site and recommend a surface finish for any concrete or other sub-strate.

Repair or prepare any sub-strate prior to finish installation.

Install any seamless floor finish.

Repair any previously installed seamless floor finish.

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