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...aging parking facilitie scan be restored bumper to bumper with complete cemetitious surface installations.

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Seamless Cementitious Concrete Finishes

Preserve or restore all the concrete surfaces of your commercial property with a quality finish from Madonna Finishes.


Dur-A-Flex Dex-O-Tex Miracote Sonneborn

Benefits: Cementitious Surface Systems

Very cost effective
Very hard surface - excellent for high traffic or weather-beaten areas
System can include liquid waterproof membrane - prevent future damage
Excellent adhesion to any stable, clean sub strate: old or new concrete stucco, masonry, epoxy aggregate, asphalt, wood, and steel
Stampable to imitate brick and masonry
Wide range of colors
Restores aging and damaged concrete to better than new condition
Match any color or texture for small are repair
Breathable, allows water vapor to escape
Freeze, thaw resistant
Resilient and flexible to resist chipping
Cooler than concrete underfoot
Chemical resistant
Environmentally Safe
Skid resistant
VOC compliant - odorless
Easy to maintain
Beautiful decorative possibilities

Drawbacks: Cementitious Surface Systems

Moisture cured
Slow drying times
Exterior only

Common Applications: Cementitious Surface Systems

Parking Garages
School Yards
Swimming Pools
Hotel Patios
Disability Ramps

Installations: Cementitious Surface Systems

System can include a mortar and concrete repair material
System can include one of several liquid moisture membranes
System uses polymerized rubber, specialty aggregates and latex
Application is rolled, brushed or sprayed in 1/16" thicknesses
Utilizes a color and texture topcoat
The entire system is solvent-free water-based
Can be sealed and finished with epoxy, urethane or acrylic

Repairs: Cementitious Surface Systems

Complete concrete repairs or restoration is always required before coating
Re-coatable with little preparation

Included: Cementitious Surface Installations From Madonna Finishes

One year warranty on materials
One year warranty on labor
Complete surface pre-inspection
Surface preparation at additional costs
System application

Cementitious Surface Repairs

Do you just need a cementitious floor repair? We can match the original concrete products with the same color and a higher quality material. Every repair come with the same professional workmanship as a complete finish.


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