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Some facilities need multiple features. Airports need decorative floors for enterances, durable ones for high traffic, anti-microbial for food courts and non-skid for baggage handling.


Click any of the facilities in the list below to see a photo of that application. If you don't see your business picture, rest assured, no matter what your needs, Madonna Finishes can design an installation that meets or exceeds the requirements of the properties you need in a floor system. Send us an email about your project or use our new project form.

Seamless Floor Installation Features

Seamless floors meet a wide range of commercial and industrial needs. Madonna Finishes can design a complete floor installation that has all of the properties you require. Only the most experienced installers really understand how a flooring system, with all the chemical layers added to meet your requirements, will go down during aplication and respond once it has cured.

Don't proceed to order a floor system untill you've called us. Trust your floor to Madonna Finishes.

Specific Seamless Floor System Features

Durable checkcheckcheckcheck
High Tensile Strengthcheckcheck
Abrasion Resistantcheckcheck
Water Proofcheckcheck
Vapor Proof from Abovecheck
Vapor Proof from Belowcheck
Easy to Cleancheck
Easy to Repaircheckcheck
Easy to Applycheckcheck
Qick to Setcheckcheck
Anti Static
Slip Resistantcheckcheckcheck
Decorative checkcheck
Heat Resistantcheck
Cold Resistantcheck
Withstands Extreme of Hot and Coldcheck
Chemical Resistantcheckcheck
Elastic check
Self Levelingcheck
Ultra Violet Light Blocker
Compatible with Previous Finish
Compatible with Concrete Substratecheckcheck
Compatible with Concrete, Steel and Wood Substratecheck
Cove Base Systemcheckcheck
Low Wall Systemcheck

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