commercial seamless flooring since 1996

Floors are now remarkably sophisticated... like this conductive floor that eliminates static for electronic assembly and repair.

chemical aggregate installing

acrylic, urethane or polyurethane topcoats on simple epoxy or cementitious base coats

urethane topcoat

For information on chemical composition, available aggregates or installation procedures click the buttons above.

Seamless Floor Systems

There are more than fifty seamless floor systems. They meet a wide range of flooring reqirements and each syustem is unique. They do have some processes in common.

The illustration below is an exploded view including most of the chemical layers of a flooring installation. Some floor systems only require a primer and a topcoat. Others use all the layers pictured, with the exception of the aggregate and color flake layers. Normally, one or the other is used.

Don't specify a floor system untill you've called us. Trust the recommendations of the experts at Madonna Finishes.

floor system

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