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...uretahne over an epoxy primer is a very durable and cost effective foor system.

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urethane floor system

urethane topcoats on simple epoxy or cementitious coating

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Seamless Urethane Floor Finishes

Protect and beautify your commercial property with a quality urethane coatings from Madonna Finishes.


Dur-A-Flex Dex-O-Tex Tnemec

Benefits: Urethane Floor Systems

Easy to maintatin high gloss
Very cost effective
Good resistence to chemicals
Harder than epoxy
Little surface preparation
Fast drying time - four hours
Can be applied over epoxy or polyurethane
VOC compliant and less solvent and oder than polyurethane

Drawbacks: Urethane Floor Systems

Can give off some odors
Moisture cured
Applied in 4 mil maximum thicknesses
Just comes in clear

Common Applications: Urethane Floor Systems

Freezers/Cooler boxes
Pharmaceutical Plants
Restaurants and Retail Businesses
Fire Rescue Emergency Bays
Aircraft Hangar
Chemical Facilities
Food Processing Plants
Machine Shops
Public Facilities (Bathrooms, Showers, and Locker Rooms)
Indoor and Outdoor Uses
Detention Facilities
Animal Habitats/Kennels

Repairs: Urethane Floor Systems

Re-coatable with sanding or special preparation

Included: Urethane Floor Installations From Madonna Finishes

One year warranty on materials
One year warranty on labor
Complete surface pre-inspection
Surface preparation
Floor system installation
Product and application information to customer

Urethane Floor Repairs

Do you just need a urethane floor repair? We can match the original installation with the same or higher quality material. Every repair comes with the same professional workmanship as a complete finish.


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